Others On Julia Hyman

"I find Hyman's work a study in unique perceptiveness. I am instantly drawn to the smooth, flowing lines and contours that beg to be touched."

Francine Milford, Sarasota Herald Tribune

"It is rare to find a sculptor who can use stone to express so much emotion. Her figurative works embody fluid lines that defy the hard nature of their media."

Brian O'Connell, Hodgell Gallery

"Mrs. Hyman's sculptures in clay, wood and stone have been seen in many exhibitions, garnering numerous awards and prizes. As a sculptor, she has a clear esthetic principal: that the material itself suggests and even dictates the ultimate work. Her pieces, consequently, have a characteristic flowing, musical quality."

Jan Findley, Venice Art Center

"We have turned our living room into an art gallery with many paintings and sculptures. Julia's sculpture is all the way in the farthest corner, yet our guests go right to it before anything else. It is white alabaster against a white wall, yet it still captures everyone's attention. People always ask whether they can touch it."

Joan Harris, Collector, Sarasota, FL

"Julia Hyman's sculptures are not firmly realistic. Her sloping fluid sculptures suggest or make an impression of fruit in curving, rounded forms that have been slightly abstracted to reveal the tang of expression in their even current."

Thyrza Jacocks, Pelican Press